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Billionaire Nick Hanauer's TED Talk: "Capitalism's Dirty Little Secret"

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Billionaire Nick Hanauer's TED Talk: "Capitalism's Dirty Little Secret"

Billionaire Nick Hanauer: "The Top 1% of Americans Have Taken $50 Trillion From the Bottom 90%—And That's Made the U.S. Less Secure"

Nick Hanauer Answers BBC Audience Question

Nick Hanauer's Podcast "Pitchfork Economics"

"Fetch The Pitchforks!" Amazon Will Pay $0 Taxes On $11,200,000,000.00 (Billion) Profit

"Beware, Fellow Plutocrats. The Pitchforks Are Coming"
Nick Hanauer Addresses His "Fellow Plutocrats And Zillionaires"

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Nick Hanauer Wants You To Know Everything You Know About Economics Is Wrong

Since 1989, The Top 1% Gained $21 Trillion While The Bottom Half Lost $900 Billion

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1910 Income Tax Promised To Never Shift Burden From Richest 1 - 4%

U Mass Professor Emeritus Richard Wolff Provides Out-Of-The-Box Views

Nicholas Kristof On Taxes: How America's Rich Get Richer While The Poor Poorer

Cartoon: A "Free Lunch" Is American Conservatism's Unrelenting Nightmare

Canada, Sweden and The Collapse of American Culture

American Woman Living In Sweden Describes The "Socialist Nanny State." (Sounds Like Heaven)

"For The First Time In History, U.S. Billionaires Paid A Lower Tax Rate Than The Working Class"

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A Confession: I'm Starting To Write Off Stupid People As Incorrigible

Alan: Muhammed Ali summarizes American history in 23 words.

"Muhammad Ali Summarizes American History In 23 Words" | "The Draft Is About White People Sending Black People To Fight Yellow People To Protect The Country They Stole From The Red People." Mo | image tagged in muhammad ali,black people,yellow people,red people,white people | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Trump’s Tax On The National Psyche: Grotesque Theft Of American's Time And Energy

"The Rich Plunder The Poor, Then Pile The Blame On The Dispossessed" | The Rich Plunder The Poor
 Then Pile The Blame
 On The Dispossessed | image tagged in plutocracy,divide and conquer,fat cats,filthy rich,ungodly rich,the one percent | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Alan: Perhaps the greatest damage done by inordinate "wealth inequality" is that so many good people are demeaned, dehumanized and dispirited by not having the material wherewithal to live dignified lives, complete with "vacation/renewal/culture" time.

A roof overhead. 

Nutritious food on the table. 

Access to affordable healthcare.

And enough leisure to participate in religious, political and cultural life.

Instead, wealth inequality insures that many people are so degraded that they even look worn, "unclean" and often a bit crazed.

Not infrequently, "the marginalized," caught in one or another behavioral sink, turn to crime -- and beyond the personal and property damage caused by crime itself -- lurk the suspicion and never-ending menace (both real and perceived) that poverty -- especially "ghettoized," urban poverty -- bring in tow. 

Consider George Bailey (played by Jimmy Stewart) in "It's A Wonderful Life" the moment a sudden, crushing debt makes him wish he'd never been born.

In the following online version of the entire movie, George Bailey's "hallucination" sequence starts at 1:35

This dependable  effect of poverty is very much like Nazis (or similarly evil "spirits") herding Jews (or red-lining blacks) into unsanitary, run-down "ghettos" (some of them psychological "ghettos") where "other-fulfilling prophecies" (as distinct from "self-fulfilling prophecies") insure that "the dirty Jew" and the "stinking, no-good nigger" take on a semblance of truth. 

Once the "dirty Jews" and "no-good niggers" have been effectively degraded by "economic decks stacked against them," a vicious cycle begins in which the nefarious stereotypes of "The Good People" become increasingly normalized by the growing conviction that Jews, blacks and other dark-skinned/swarthy people are "failures" and "vermin."

And with this matrix of inter-locking normalization, everything changes in the minds of "virtuous, clean, upstanding people" who see themselves as "the good Germans" -- "the good, stolid, hardworking burghers" -- who, in their own minds, come into ever starker relief with the unwashed ner-do-wells (and the undeserving) who, in the end, are seen as too irresponsible to take proper care of themselves. 

And so, in any society where white nationalism or white supremacy has become the norm, people of color become the bad guys, or at least "the suspects" for "everything that is wrong."

As night follows day, the dark-skinned recipients of these projections are the sole reason why "Germany" and Trump's America are not pure, clean, prosperous and good. 

And so it is that intermittently, all that is needed to ignite socio-economic conflagration is a charismatic individual -- typically with a big mouth -- who can serve his egocentric (and often solipsistic/sociopathis) self by inflaming others.

David Brooks' TED Talk: The Lies Our Culture Tells Us About What Matters --- And A Better Way To Live

Top 10 Logical Fallacies Elegantly Presented In A 6 Minute YouTube Clip: Just How Stupid Are We?

"The Common Good," "The General Welfare" And A Truly "Social Contract" Are Indispensable | "The Common Good," 
"The General Welfare" 
And A Truly "Social Contract" 
Are Indispensable Fundaments 
Of A Healthy Society | image tagged in the common good,the general welfare,a truly social contract,prerequisites for a healthy society | made w/ Imgflip meme maker

Online Discussion Of "The Common Good," "The General Welfare" And A Truly "Social Contract"

Conspiracy Thinking, The Death Of Shared Identity And The Collapse Of Common Purpose

Conspiracy Thinking, The Death Of Shared Identity And The Collapse Of Common Purpose

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